Gaia Travel Guides

Gaia Travel Guides

Look out for our new travel guides exclusively for women in 2018!

Our team have scoured the globe and travelled extensively in order to identify everything from the very best accommodation, airlines and tour operators through to highlighting the most reputable transfer service companies specifically with LGB women and our friends in mind.

They are written exclusively for you with your best interests at the heart of it…..

Watch this space!

Following on from the success of Gaia Magazine, we will also be publishing a twice yearly travel magazine which will be available through subscription as well by worldwide news stand distribution.

It will include contributors from around the globe, covering with in-depth features, celebrity interviews, travel editorial and lifestyle news. Trying to stay true to our core values we will also be covering women’s issues in non-Western countries.

To join our mailing to catch up with all news and events, sign up here.

Gaia magazine
Gaia magazines

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